Rose technology
Bulgarian rose oil is steam distilled (not a product of solvent extraction). The oil obtained is 100% pure and natural because the products that take part in the above process are:

  • fresh rose flowers
  • fresh water
  • steam

That rose oil contains the essence of Rosa Damascena flowers, cultivated in Bulgaria. The perfect location of the so-called Rose Valley and climate with gentle sunshine ensures the fragrance, purity and naturalness of the essential oil intact and uncompromised. The usual rose harvest time in Bulgaria starts around the third week of May and continue, depending mainly on the weather conditions for three to five weeks.

The yield of oil can be dramatically affected by the weather. The best weather conditions for roses is mild and humid weather with night temperatures around 18-20 degrees C.
So, depending on weather conditions mainly the yield of roses varies from 3000 to 4500kgs of flowers per kilo of rose oil. Since ideal conditions do not exist it is accepted that yield is normal to good in case oil is obtain from 3500 – 3700kgs of fresh flowers. Under normal conditions, harvest begins as soon as the flowers starts opening and continues until all the flowers have been gathered during the harvest season.

Flowers are picked up very early in the morning whilst morning dew is still on them. Picked flowers are put into plastic bags and transported to the distillery the quickest possible way. The quantity of flowers picked up for the day and driven to the distillery should be processed as soon as possible with every precautions of keeping them fresh in order to preserve to the maximum the precious volatile components of the oil, so the oil obtained be of highest quality.

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Lavender technologyBulgarian Lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh lavender flowers.

Harvest season
Second half of June mid July.
Colour: light and pale to medium violet

 During that season lavender is harvested usually after 10.00a.m. when sun is already high and temperatures are also high. Lavender is not harvested during rainy or windy weather because quality and daily yield suffers greatly. Harvested lavender is driven to the distillery in bags or in free state.

Distillation process
The duration of distillation process is 1.5hrs. The distillation pressure is atmospheric.
The main components that take part for obtaining lavender oil are: fresh lavender flowers and steam. There are no additives or solvents used. After distillation is over (1.5hrs) lavender oil is then immediately drawn out from the Florentine vessel (oil separator). The obtained lavender is then put in a storage tank, separating oils that comes from different fields and villages.

Trade batches and storage
After lavender harvest is over on grounds of aroma and GC analysis trade batches are made. The finished product is then stored in tanks. Different tanks for different trade batches. Exports in metal drums or for small quantities in plastic drums for food industry with different volumes.

Contemporary stills are made of stainless steel and a lot of automatic controls are introduced and distillation technique – refined to the maximum in order to help the operator to reach the desired goal – high quality rose oil.

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