Bulgarian rose absolute is produced from special selection of rose concretes by multiple extraction with ethyl alcohol.

It is a reddish or orange-reddish viscous liquid with a very rich, full flowery odor, with honey notes.

The present standard of high-grade Bulgarian rose absolute is as follows:


Density at 20 C - 0.9502 to 0.9910

Refraction number at 25 C - 1.4900 to 1.5130

Optical rotation in 100 mm tube - +9 to +14

Acid number - 4 to 11

Ester number - 13 to 30

Acetylation number - 217 to 267

Total alcohols, like geraniol - 69.5 to 88.5 %

Combined alcohols, such as geraniol - 2.0 to 4.7 %

Total alcohols, such as geraniol - 64.9 to 78.2 %

Stearoptene - 15 – 23 %



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