How it All Started

Back in 1993, after the political and economic changes in Bulgaria, many sectors of our economy could note easily cope with the principles of the free market economy and quickly adjust to the new realities and started to fall apart and lose the already developed assets and relations, especially with foreign partners.

Agriculture was not different, especially with the then working cooperatives, which started to move from union structures to independent farming.

This change, of course, brought tons of uncertainty and loss of stability, which affected every aspect of the Bulgarian economy, and even sectors, which Bulgaria stands as synonym for – namely rose oil production.

At that time Mr. Nedelcho Belichev started to put the foundation of NatureBase as an independent, family owned company that tries to preserve the centuries old tradition of cultivation of the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and world production of the renowned Bulgarian rose oil.

More About us

What differentiates us?

NatureBase is a pioneer in the automation distillation, in which we carefully manage the distillation process, so we preserve the most unique aromas and bioactive compounds of each flower and medicinal herb.

We also carefully study the climatic changes and the effects they bring to agriculture so we are able to take precautions and adjust cultivation, harvesting and production.

One such example is how we manage to keep the plants fresh during drought weather, so they keep the valuable components within the flower. Last but not least – besides distillation, we are focused on expanding our production capacities by using other green technologies that will allow us to extract specific bioactive components that distillation is not capable to achieve.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is our competitive advantage? How are we unique?

Our mission and competitive advantage is to supply the purest grade of essential oils and natural extracts to our customers at reasonable prices and to offer consistency in quality through the years.

We guarantee traceability, starting from soil peculiarities, geographical location and ownership of gardens and facilities, throughout production, packaging and delivery of the final product.

We build our relations in a way so both sides are happy and benefit from the partnership – this includes fair prices, high quality and after sale support.

From growing and harvesting of the different flowers and herbs to distillation and extraction of the valuable botanical components, we have a strict control of each process until we have the final product.

Fair, competitive prices for high quality products.

• We share our knowledge and useful information that might be interesting and useful to our partners.

• We ship fast and provide full guarantee, including after sale support.

Thorough knowledge and expertise.

Our given word and our company name.

Open, communicable and fair so everybody can rely on our expertise and support.

Essential oils and floral waters are mainly used in manufacturing of perfumery and cosmetics and in aromatherapy and traditional medicine. Some cuisines actually also use natural extracts as flavoring agents.

But in the recent years pharmaceutical sector started to focus on many natural plants that possess therapeutic properties and some of the bioactive components are used in developing new drugs and therapies.

This is an area that we will put more focus on and build a portfolio of such bioactive compounds that might find application in modern medicine.

From 2016 we even started a new project named Rose Medica that focuses on developing a line of natural supplements that will be a great addition to people who maintain balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.